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Submit Your Games is actively collecting games from amateur and professional videographers.  If you wish to submit a game to our library, please include the following information by email.

  • Date of Game
  • Type of Game (i.e. 7's or 15's)
  • Category of Game (i.e.Collegiate, Mens/Women's Club, Senior, etc.)
  • Name of Tournament or Match Location
  • Description of Game (i.e. Location and Pool vs. Knock out round, ect.)
  • YouTube embed code

If you wish to sell your footage, add the following

  • Your Name
  • Billing Address

We encourage any news or game summary with every match submiited to  This can include match overview, player names, man of the match, referee name, etc.

Each 7's game, pays $10 per game, and each 15's game pays $20.  We sell the games for $25 (7's matches), $40 (15's matches)

Send requests to